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From: Ron Johnson <>
Subject: Re: I can log in to Sims via the internet since I use a PC running Windows 2000 with Netscape or IE or Mozillia.
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 06:37:26 -0500
To: SIMS Discussions <>
>On 08/07/03 at 17:59 -0700, opined:
>> I can log in to Sims via the internet since I use a PC running
>> Windows 2000 with Netscape or IE or Mozillia.
>> But, when I try to view the logs they never fully load & I also
>> do I criteria search within the log. I am DSL which is also the
>> same connection our website is on I also have try it externally
>> from another computer & connection TIA & suggestion are appreciated
>That happens with the current log because SIMS never sends an EOF (end of
>file) for it so that it can continue to send lines as they are written to
>the log. Theoretically, that should allow you to view activity on you
>server in more or less real time. It's an imperfect solution for a protocol
>(HTTP) that's less than ideal for the task. Some browsers (like Netscape,
>IIRC) don't like it too well.
>It shouldn't happen when viewing previous days' logs. It might take a few
>moments to load the entire log, depending on its size, but you should
>eventually get an EOF.
>For viewing the current log, it's better to use the CommuniGator
>application. If you've got Timbuktu on your server, you can TB2 to it and
>run CommuniGator locally. If you're on the same LAN as the server, you can
>run CommuniGator on your workstation and connect to the server via program
>linking (which must be enabled on the server).
I don't have Timbuktu on the server, and Tim doesn't have the Communigator
Client, as, I believe, it only exists for Macs.  I do have the Communigate
Client, and do use it.  What you said about EOF makes sense -- I never even
gave it a thought...
>> Second problem...
>> We have a friend near that has a email account with us ....we
>> setup over at her house & she can receive from our server, but
>> cannot send ...she get a timed-connection. However she can send
>> via her ISP's SMTP server it goes thru. She use a dialup connection
>> with MSN. She has Macintosh 6300 I think with Outlook early version
>> & Eudora 5. They both do not work when try to send out from our
>> SMTP server.
>> We setup the account over here it work fine. I also setup it
>> over at over at other friend she has a Compaq PC with XP using
>> Outlook and it worked there she also has dialup connection which
>> happen to use MSN also. We did to eliminate the possibility of
>> it being something with MSN
>If you've got 'Relay for Clients Only' enabled (if it's not, your an open
>relay and contributing to the spam problem), that's probably the problem.
>If that's the case, you need to do one of the following:
>1. Have your friend send mail through her ISP's server(s). There shouldn't
>be any reason for her not to.
>2. If your friend has a fixed IP address, add it to your Client Hosts list.
>Don't do this if it's _not_ a fixed address (e.g. she uses a dial-up or DSL
>with dynamically assigned address, etc.).
>3. Set the 'For xx min authenticated IPs are treated as Client ones' to
>something other than 'Never'. Then, after checking her mail, your friend
>can send mail through your server for whatever time period you configure.
>4. Enable 'Advertise AUTH capability' and have your friend use SMTP AUTH
>when sending through your server. This may not be an option if she's using
>an older e-mail client that doesn't support AUTH. Also, her client may not
>call it 'SMTP AUTH'.
Let's see:  I have 'Relay For Clients Only Checked' am not an Open Relay.
I learned my lesson about that, after using EIMS 1.3.1!  I have
'Authenticated IPs treated as Clients Ones' set for 30 seconds, although
I'm wondering if I could safely get away with a longer time limit -- just
to make it easier on the users I might get in the future who can't do SMTP
AUTH?  Would the max limit of 10 mins, be dangerous, or is that even pretty
safe?  SIMS is advertising 'Auth' capability.  Cannot add her IP to the
'Client Host List' as she's a dialup user.  Tim tried using the one
friend's user info on another friend's PC, (that friend also has MSN as
their provider,) and all worked perfectly.  The friend who is having the
problem, is running an old Mac with System 8.6 on it, and we tried Eudora
5.0 on it, and no dice!  Tim seems to indicate that it's timing out, or
something like that.  Recieving works great, sending just doesn't happen!
All he & I can figure is that her machine is just too slow and antiquated
for what we're doing.  Our friend has told us that she's had other problems
with other things, such as websites, etc, so it's not just the eMail thing.
The logs never seem to indicate she's even tried sending out through her
account on our server, and even doing a send, immediately after checking
the mail, doesn't do any good, whatsoever!  My best guess is that it's
something specific to her particular machine & configuration, perhaps even
her modem.  Am I missing something.


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