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Subject: Re: Suggestions to improve this RBL list?
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 10:16:34 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
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On 08/14/03 at 23:42 -0400, Aron Spencer opined:

> Here is my current RBL list:
> "/maps-rss.html"
> "/maps-rbl.html"
> "/maps-dul.html"

You could probably drop these first four and not notice it.


Definitely keep Spamhaus. It'll keep the worst of the scum out.

> ;

You'll probably find opinions just about split on Spamcop. I'd keep it off
your list. It has a hair trigger and its listing criteria are a bit too
loose for my taste.

> ;

The country lists are comprehensive and are good to use if
you're confident that you will never get legitimate mail from the countries
that you blacklist.

> is redundant given that you also use


An excellent open proxy list. Definitely a keeper.


Either explicitly use the specific Osirusoft sub-lists that you're
interested in or, if you use the full list (as you are now), adjust your
SIMS internal blacklist to ignore the more problematic sub-lists. The list includes, among other things, the SPEWS list,
about which you will find all manner of nasty comments both in this list's
archives and just about everywhere else on the 'net. There are also a
couple of sub-lists that even Osirusoft's maintainer (Joe Jared) doesn't
recommend to be used to block mail on production servers. Personally, I use
the full list (to reduce the number of DNS look-ups that SIMS has to do),
but leave out of my internal blacklist to ignore the
'bad' sub-lists.


I have no experience with the wirehub list.


ORDB is a good open relay list, although some people on this list take
issue with their testing methodology. As has been pointed out on the list
recently, the various open relay lists have been so effective that spammers
don't exploit open relays much any more, preferring open proxies.

> I would appreciate suggestions as to how to make it more effective.

You might consider adding It's an open proxy list
that's a good supplement to the Blitzed (BOPM) list.

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