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Subject: Re: migrating from SIMS
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 13:20:11 -0700
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On 08/21/03 at 15:59 -0400, Stefan Jeglinski opined:

> So, if there's any comments out there, I'd like to hear them,
> especially if you think I've missed some aspect. I'm sure SIMS will
> still occupy a place where I administer, and what knows, I may come
> running back to it, but I long to try some different things, for the
> education if nothing else.

I'm interested in seeing replies in this thread myself for similar, if not
the same, reasons to Stefan's. I'll probably continue to run SIMS for my
employer into the indefinite future, but there's a good possibility that
I'll be setting up a mail server on an OS X box at home in the nearish
future to serve a couple of domains that belong to my wife. There won't be
any money for commercial products and I don't have a spare box to run OS 9
just for SIMS, nor am I interested in acquiring one solely for that
purpose. And, like Stefan, I am interested in the educational experience of
it. I'm currently considering either exim or postfix for the MTA and
probably Courier IMAP (which also does POP3, I believe) as the MDA. I
haven't made any real decisions yet, though, so I am interested in what
others may have to say on the subject.

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