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Subject: Re: DNSRBLs - How do I figure out response IPs?
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 10:03:18 -0700
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On 08/26/03 at 11:32 -0500, Ron Johnson opined:

> Here's the most recent RBL list I've culled from all the recent
> discussion on the list.  I realize, and someone correct me if I'm
> wrong, that I can delete the last 3 entries.

Per recent threads, is currently displaying flakiness
to a degree that you probably should not be using it. I'd definitely keep, though, as China and Korea are probably the two
biggest loci for spam relaying (although Brazil is a strong contender). You
should be able to drop and not miss it too much, but as
Bill Cole pointed out, it does contain some ARIN-assigned blocks that are
not in

> ;
> ;
> I understand that these names have to go in the DNSRBL list in the
> SMTP settings, but my real problem is, how do I determine what are
> the appropriate response IP addresses for each one?  I set Tim busy,
> this morning, gathering up these addresses, so we could plug them
> into our server -- problem is, he was confronted with listings of
> literally thousands of IPs!  Could someone on here please explain to
> us how to figure this out?  I'm sure, once we've done it a time or
> two, it'll get easier, and make sense.  Barring that, if someone
> would like to eMail me, off-list if necessary,  with the proper
> response ranges for each of these, I'd *greatly* appreciate it too.
> Also, I'm curious...  A couple of the entries on this list had
> semicolons in front of them, even in the original eMail from whence
> they came.  I presume they're *not* supposed to be there???

With, I think, only two exceptions, all of the above lists return The exceptions are, which uses and to distinguish Chinese and Korean IPs, and, which
returns addresses in the range The address returned
by OPM tells you what kinds of proxies are open on the host in question
(see <>). At any rate, if you put in your SIMS

You'll be covered for 99.99% of the existing DNSbls. (If you're not using
the Osirusoft composite list, you don't need to punch a hole in the first
range to avoid the problematic sub-lists.)

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