Mailing List Message #13578
From: uilleann <>
Subject: Re: eudora support and SIMS temp failure
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 13:20:18 +0100
To: SIMS Discussions <>
> Here is the official answer I got:
> Stalker Software is a software development company, and not an "open-source
> development" company. Currently we see no sense in openening the source code
> of any of our products.

Then again, seeing as
 a) SIMS is free, and
 b) Work on SIMS has stopped,
does this mean that you plan to continue working on SIMS, and charging users
for it, in the future? Seems unlikely, given that it's all Mac OS classic
code, and, further, code you don't even want to touch.

If you don't charge for it, you can't financially benefit from it, and if
you aren't working on it, then no-one benefits at all from shortcomings in
the code.

Which leaves, what, company reputation for the program that might get
tarnished if the open-source version goes wrong?

Open-source software is, as far as I can see anyhow, a well-respected thing,
so it seems a shame to keep the code locked away, and let problems in SIMS
remain forever unfixed. That apps that are allowed to go stagnant like this
is a shame really. I hope you can rethink this issue, for the sake of the
SIMS-using community.


- Dan.

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