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????: Re: eudora support and SIMS temp failure
????: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 14:18:37 +0100
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> Reread the text. That wasn't Dmitry telling us no, that was Dmitry quoting
> corporate policy. Arguing that point with Dmitry is just gonna waste your
> time and his.

I know that (although it sounded more like he quoted a reply from someone
else at the company and not a written policy), and I was directing my mail
at Stalker, the company, itself ("you" was "you plural", i.e. Stalker, for
which English has no word). I'm not arguing with him, but suggesting that he
try and get the powers-that-be there to reconsider the issue.

After all, they didn't give a very convincing reason at all, and I don't
want to see everyone give up without a fight. My point, more than anything,
was to determine a clearer reason for their decision, which seems awfully

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