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????: [OT] Mac inactivity
????: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 23:01:06 +0100
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This is less of a server discussion and more of a cry for help directed at
technical folk, before I abandon the Mac and get Windows (kidding, but I
almost feel like it - this is getting me down).

For some reason, when I walk away from the Mac (which is my home machine,
thus is used for both server and interactive tasks at once, and is running a
lot of apps all the time), it will occasionally go unresponsive. This used
to be a rare occurrence, but in 4d 9h uptime now, it has done it twice, and
I had a third occurrence not that long ago, so it seems to be increasing.

I can't tell what is happening - it seems like some process is taking over
the CPU, stopping anything else from using it. It reminds me of when the Mac
used to drop into sleep mode, but it's not sleep as I can wake it with the
mouse, and it doesn't play ChuToy when it wakes up. Nor does the hard disc
spin up.

ICQ and AIM seem to be making use of Open Transport Events or something, as
both remain connected during the whole time. On the other hand, when I move
the mouse to re-activate the screen, the first thing I notice when the
screen comes up, is that the machine is frozen for a short period. After
that, I get a series of dings from ShadowIRC as all my IRC connections come
back (all had dropped).

I checked my server log and an ICQ and IRC session, and the last IRC and ICQ
messages I sent before I went for dinner were at 7:30 pm. That was the exact
time of the last successful access from MacHTTP; I came back to the Mac at
10:22, and then MacHTTP logged:

09/26/03    22:22:29     OK      ...    :john:gameboy.jpg    2048
09/26/03    22:22:29     OK      ...    :john:gameboy.jpg    2048

Those 2048s were packets it was trying to write when the system went down,
and it shoved them in the log once it got either the CPU, or Open Transport,
back. This suggests maybe that MacHTTP hung due to unresponsiveness in Open

My SIMS log reads:

19:22:42 5 SYSTEM checking modified files

and then it wrote:

22:22:17 3 SYSTEM The current date is Friday, September 26, 2003

so it must have detected a problem and felt a need to re-state the date once
it re-awoke. It was certainly not doing anything within the 7:20 to 10:22

Normally, it takes an hour or two for the system to go down like this, but
this time, it was pretty quick at dying.

I've wondered if this problem was caused by having some app (I've had a
hunch it's ShadowIRC, for no clear reason) left frontmost, but I felt sure
that I left the Finder frontmost earlier. Maybe its a ShadowIRC plug-in, I
don't know.

Basically, as you can imagine, this is getting to be a bloody nuisance - I
just wanted to ask whether anyone on the SIMS and MacHTTP lists had any idea
why this might happen. Right now, it's not occurring frequently enough to
test anything.

Originally, I think this used to happen if I left MacHTTP frontmost - all
others apps would stop or something, but now, I don't know. What I do know
is that I was out all day today, and for the most part I had no issues
reaching the Mac remotely in FTP or HTTP; AFAIK, I left the Finder frontmost
when I left the house, as usual.

Any thoughts?

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