Mailing List Message #13792
From: Wayne Irvine <>
Subject: Re: Corrupt Attachments
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 09:25:37 +1000
To: SIMS List <>
> I just upgraded the firmware, so I don't know if it fixed it or
> not. The old version was 1.2.1 (I think); the new is 1.45.7. I
> just downloaded the latest one from the Linksys site (and was a
> bit miffed that it put it back to factory defaults after the
> upgrade! Grrr!)

The problem for started for my client when we upgraded to 1.45.6.

Yesterday we upgraded to 1.45.7. I did it remotely so it was a good thing we
weren't set back to factory defaults.

So far it appears to have solved the problem.

I'm not sure about old firmware but I guess the problem crept back into the
1.45.6 and Linksys quickly got out 1.45.7. Shame there is no mention of it
on the site.

Wayne Irvine

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