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Subject: Re: Routing query
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 18:00:46 -0700
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On 10/01/03 at 20:14 -0400, David C King opined:

> Thanks Chris
> I don't have any user named 'admin' ...
> I did try the router setting that you've suggested, but it didn't
> trash the incoming messages.
> What exactly (sorry, I'm just a hobbyist) do you mean by "Put this
> above the line that maps <admin> to the real user account and don't
> forget to enable 'Verify Return-Paths'"?

Oops, sorry, I had a minor brain fart before. For some reason I was
thinking that you were talking about messages addressed to <admin@mydomain>
being delivered to a local account. Ignore the comments about <admin> being
routed to a real account.

In order for the error routing to result in rejecting messages, you need to
go to SIMS' SMTP service settings and check 'Verify Return-Paths' so that
SIMS will check the Return-Paths of incoming messages against the router.

Also, for this to work, <admin@mydomain> must be the Return-Path of the
offending messages. If you have an example of the message that includes its
headers, the first header line should start with 'Return-Path: '. If the
Return-Path indicated there is <admin@mydomain>, then routing it to error
will reject the spam messages. It doesn't matter whether or not the 'From:'
header line is <admin@mydomain> because SIMS doesn't look at the From
address in any circumstance. If <admin@mydomain> is the From address but
not the Return-Path, then SIMS can't reject messages on that basis.

> Your words of wisdom on 9/30/03:
> >On 09/29/03 at 06:08 -0700, David C King opined:
> >
> >>  An email from <admin@mydomain> has been delivered to one of my users
> >>  - well several emails from this name. Though the message originates
> >>  from outside my LAN, it is being delivered to my user. I do not have
> >>  a real user account in the name of 'admin'.
> >
> >There must be some router entry that maps <admin> to a real user account
> >then?
> >
> >>  Can I use the router to route any msg from <admin@mydomain> to
> >>  'error'? In other words, if any email comes to SIMS from
> >>  'admin@mydomain' I want to kill the email without it being delivered
> >>  to any user.
> >
> >Given that you don't have an account named 'admin', and assuming that
> ><admin@mydomain> is the Return-Path (not just the From) of the spam
> >messages try:
> >
> ><admin@mydomain> = error
> >
> >Put this above the line that maps <admin> to the real user account and
> >don't forget to enable 'Verify Return-Paths'.

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