Mailing List Message #13987
From: Paul List Hess <>
Subject: Upgrade or Downgrade, What would YOU do?
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 13:37:12 -0500
To: SIMS Discussions <>
Hi All,

I just had an old iMac handed down to replace and improve my even much older mail server which is currently a little old Power Mac 6116 that is running SIMS (60MHz?, 700MB Drive, MacOS 9.0.4, SIMS and Retrospect Client) reliably for several years.  The new machine is probably 50x faster which I don't think I care about, has a much larger hard drive which will allow me to be a lot less stingy on user mailbox sizes and keeping log files, and runs OS/X-10.2.

I was all set to downgrade the new iMac to OS/9 but it feels funny to step backwards like that without taking a pause.  If you were doing it, would you downgrade the new box, keep it at OS/X (seems silly to run SIMS under classic mode), or would you bite the bullet and try to get up to speed on using the built in OS/X (Unix) mail capabilities?

Under Unix I know from distant memory that the routing is pretty nice (some sort of .aliases file which, for instance, let me direct one alias out to 5 different addresses without creating a fake POP mailbox to do the rerouting as I have to do in SIMS).  But implementing the RBL's would probably be a new hassle sine I think it involves extra incantations with scripting etc.  I'd also need to find instructions on how to set it up initially, figure out if there are any new security issues, and find a support community similar to this awesome list!  

So, if you had a brand new OS/X box dumped on your lap for a mail server, what would you do?

Looking forward to any comments.  If you want to reply directly to me please remove the "2" from my address and I'll see it a lot sooner.

                                    - Paul
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