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Subject: Re: Upgrade or Downgrade, What would YOU do?
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 17:51:43 -0600
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At 8:21 PM -0500 12/4/03, Bill Cole wrote:
and with the exception of the dictionary attack feature of SIMS, there's nothing you cannot do with an OSX/Postfix machine that you can do with SIMS, and a fair amount more that you can do.

At 10:26 AM -0700 12/5/03, Warren Michelsen wrote:

Spamtrap addresses?

Interestingly, I've been watching my logs closely for the past month or so, and though the spamtraps catch some, it's not near as much as many other methods.  Here's a representative example from 11/24 (I just did a find on the phrases listed): 11572 2513 565 76 8

total RBL: 14734

Failed to verify 2623
suspected in harvesting 2029
rejected: user unknown 365
spamtrap address 664
does not exist

total other rejections: 5681

grand total rejected: 20415

delivered 3540
% of total delivered 14.7777082

So spamtraps are catching just a couple % of the total spam load on our server. Admittedly, 660 less spam is still 660 less spam, but compared to a total of over 20,000, it's not that big a difference. If PostFix has (or will get) other, better methods of spam reduction, spamtraps will not be sorely missed here.
Bill Christensen

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