Mailing List Message #14095
From: uilleann <>
Subject: Re: Christmas for spammers
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003 14:54:53 +0000
To: SIMS Discussions <>
> Anyone else see a bit of an uptick in the amount of spam hitting their
> server these last couple days?

I only have one active account on SIMS, and given how little mail it gets at
all, my best guess is that it followed the trend of my ISP account, which
was significantly less mail of any kind at all over Christmas. In the same
vein that people were too busy keeping Christmas to bother to send me
personal mail, then likewise were spammers too busy to send me spam either -
spam seemed to drop a lot over Christmas.

Now that Christmas is over, it seems to have returned to a volume equivalent
to pre-Christmas - nothing's changed.

As a testimony to (my increasing the) obscurity of Firetrack, the vast
majority of log entries since Christmas have been of the likes of:

17:57:21 3 SYSTEM WaitNextEvent: too long(731 ticks)

and prior to that, it was basically just SIMS list mail.

Oddly, I tried to give a girl my SIMS address ( the other day, for her to whitelist it in SpamAssassin (which seems
to have deleted my last two mails to her, in the past few months), and SA
refused to accept it as a valid address. Another person successfully got SA
to whitelist it, so I dunno what hers' problem was. *shrugs* Just gave her
my ISP address - just that that one doesn't match my IRC nick.


> Because I sure have, and it's probably attributable to n00bs connecting their
> brand-new yet still-inadequately-patched Windows boxes up to the net.
> So many new zombie relays to be exploited...

Hmm... but how would anyone send mail via these? Surely people don't go
installing/activating a mail server on their machine as soon as they get it?
Is this a suggestion that one can make use of a worm/virus to install a
micro SMTP server on a Windows machine, or activate IIS's SMTP system?

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