Mailing List Message #14320
From: Telcontar <>
Subject: Re: Spammers, Viruses and Attachments
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 21:54:36 +0000
To: SIMS Discussions <>
> Rather than 'redirecting' to NULL@NULL, you could simply route to NULL.
> E.g.:
> <sales> = null
> ...
> Yes, routing to error is better than routing to null. In the case of
> dictionary probes, addresses routed to 'null' look, from the sender's pov,
> like successful deliveries. Addresses routed to 'error' will receive a
> proper bounce that will prevent the sender from adding that address to
> their database as a 'good' one.

By redirecting, I literally meant forwarding. This is my domain, hosted by
ICDSoft - I don't have access to such services like routing control like I
do in SIMS on localhost. I did try a plain "null", and now "error", but as
this is forwarding, only something that has an '@' sign in the middle is
accepted as valid address.

I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs, but when I did a test mail to, it bounced complaining that the domain "null" wasn't
found. Whether this looked like a bounce or not to a spammer, I don't know.
What I do know, though, is that this set-up stops the junk reaching my inbox

The level of spam reaching my site from people discovering the domain was
very light - far more so than the amount of legitimate mail, so I don't
think a lack of ability to route to error is really a big issue - this was
merely an exercise of clearing out spam from my inbox.

I am not sure what to make of the catch-all comments. On the one hand, I'd
like to keep it active for the future for fun (I never remember that it's
set up though, as otherwise I'd be giving people suitably warped and amusing
addresses out), and on the other, it does leave my Web host open to a
dictionary attack. That said, they provide the feature of a catch-all
address, so they are prepared to let all their clients use it. Course, it
has to be said that if I did get a flood of junk come through one night, I
could switch off catch-all and the spammers would be clouted with a large
amount of suddenly dead addresses, although they'd have to try each one
again to learn that they're all non-existent.

Were this SIMS, I'd have an easier way out - use CaptureAE to record the
process of adding a router entry, and then I could write a little applet
that lets me add aliases to my account on the fly =) Well, OK, it's not
necessarily that simple, as I might have to learn the process of logging
into SIMS via AppleEvents first - maybe not.

I'd like to see a complete AppleEvent listing for SIMS; I know someone's
made some sort of toolkit for working with SIMS in (I think) AppleScript,
but I had some doubts (it looked cumbersome and complicated and so on) - I'd
have to look into it again.

Still, one of the two or three documented script calls to SIMS in its aete -
add/update user - is now integrated into my homebrew Web mail via
AppleScript support in MacASP =)


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