Mailing List Message #14500
From: Mark Hartman <>
Subject: Re: Secondary MXs (was: Re: HOWTO add a Bayesian filter to SIMS)
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 09:33:22 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
At 7:30 AM -0700 5/23/04, Warren Michelsen wrote:
>At 1:54 PM -0700 5/20/04, Elliot Wilen wrote:
>>If both the secondary and the primary are running the same spam protection, how much additional spam is likely to come through the secondary?
>In my case, my secondary is another SIMS box with the same RBLs and spamtraps. It's quite effective.
>>The argument against having a secondary MX is quite strong when the proposed machine is out of your control and/or has a less discriminating antispam policy.
>I agree. If the secondary's anti-spam features match the primary's, I don't see the presence of a secondary as a detriment.

My spam analyzer script looks for the IP address of my secondary as the
originating address; if it sees it, it looks for the next "Received:"
header, because it can be trusted, and puts THAT IP address into the
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