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????: Re: Secondary MXs (was: Re: HOWTO add a Bayesian filter to SIMS)
????: Mon, 24 May 2004 15:45:13 -0700
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At 1:19 PM -0600 5/24/04, Lewis Butler wrote:
>On 20 May 2004, at 14:54, Elliot Wilen wrote:
>>If both the secondary and the primary are running the same spam protection, how much additional spam is likely to come through the secondary? As opposed to simply being shifted to the secondary, that is.
>THe secondary cannot reject mail to unknown accounts, for one.

Sure it can. That's how my secondary is set up. Instead of:
domain.com = domain.com.smtp

make the secondary SIMS router read:

<Name@Domain.com> = Name@Domain.com.smtp

One entry per account. Any mail to an account not present on the secondary in this manner gets a 'We do not relay' error. Keeps the queue from filling up with bounced spam.

Of course, this assumes that the secondary is SIMS.

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