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> This is the type of thing that I want a cheap router for: I don't know
> how one can stop it in SIMS. But reasonable firewall software and/or a
> NAT/firewall router ought to do it. Unfortunately, I don't have any
> recommendations for a good product.

If you're running SIMS on something light like less than 100 users then
something inexpensive like a Linksys router with firewall will work just
fine.  Ther are others just as good - I have a Speedstream 5861 that works
quite well at home.
Anything more than that and I'd suggest either:

1) Building a firewall machine from scratch.  Smoothwall and OpenBSD are
fairly easy to configure for firewall duty.  I use OpenBSD myself.
2) Buying a commercial router.  Cisco has 2600 series routers that support
DSL, T1, and Frame quite effectively.  Although this would require
learning IOS.

Mike Hebel

"I think we used too much!" - Chris Knight

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