Liste de diffusion Message #14676
De: Larry Stone <>
Sujet: Re: Queue Questions
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 06:37:02 -0500
A: SIMS <>
On 7/26/04 4:22 AM, at wrote:

> It may be that the above combination isn't working because the
> messages don't fail until after 1 day.
> There are only 48 thirty minute periods per day.  So you're asking it
> to mark them as failed after more than 2 days.  It's possible that
> SIMS isn't catching them because they're not marked as failed until
> after 1 day has passed.
> I have 3 days / 15 min / 250 times.  That works out to 2.6 days
> before it's marked as failed, and shortly thereafter it's deleted.

Huh? It sounds like you're saying that the "delete failed messages" time is
from when they initially enter the queue, not from when the message is
actually marked as failed. My experience is it's the latter. When I was
using SIMS, my settings were 1 day / 30 minutes / 200 times and it always
worked as I expected (tried for approximately 4 days, deleted one day after
the 200th unsuccessful attempt).

But I did see occasional situations where the attempt counter was not
incrementing. IIRC, it had to do with certain DNS failures.

-- Larry Stone

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