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Sujet: Re: remote user send problem
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 10:01:06 -0700
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On 7/30/04 at 02:31, wrote:

> I've got a new user who is having trouble sending mail via our SIMS
> server.  When he tries to send, the first time he gets:
> Can't send to ''. The server
> gives this reason: '591 [] No mail will be accepted. Your
> host is in a Black List. See
> <> Your mail to gre'
> That's his IP, (which is on SORBS list as it's a dialup) and that is
> my outgoing blacklist message for SORBS.  But since he's logged in as
> a verified user of our server (just checked mail, too) he should be
> able to send. And in fact, the second time he tries, he gets through.
> I vaguely recall something like this being discussed a long while
> back, but don't recall the fix or workaround.  He's using Eudora on
> Win 2K.

If your user is using Eudora's 'Send on Check' feature to automatically
send queued messages when he retrieves mail, then Eudora is probably doing
it in the wrong order. I.e., it's trying to send queued messages _before_
retrieving messages from the server. So the first time it tries to send, it
hasn't yet authenticated its POP session, so the IP address hasn't yet been
placed in the temporary clients list and SIMS rejects it. I'm not sure if
Eudora still does this, but it used to. IIRC the feature was added to
Eudora (and some other mailers of the same vintage) simply as a convenience
before POP-before-SMTP became a popular authentication technique. It's a
pain, but the work-around is to uncheck the 'Send on Check' preference and
send your queued messages manually right after retrieving mail. Of course,
the better solution is to use SMTP AUTH instead.

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            Webmaster, Global Homes |
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