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De: Paul Didzerekis <>
Sujet: Re: SMTP going deaf
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 10:25:46 -0700
A: SIMS Discussions <>
At 5:10 PM +0000 8/6/04, screw databases modified the matrix with:
I can still check mail, and it will deliver it to me, but it times out
trying to send. THis is with both the and entourage on

Does SIMS take the mail from the outbox then not deliver it or
does it refuse to even accept it for delivery?
If it's the former chek two things:

1) Check to make sure you have a good DNS server number in the TCP/IP
2) Check to see if your ISP has started blocking outbound port 25.

If it's the latter then I'd say toss SIMS preferences in the trash and
make sure you didn't accidentally change something in the router or the
SMTP settings.
Is anything besides your messages stuck in the queue?

Hi - thanks for responding.  No the never connects outbound, and the mail just sits there in the outbox.  It constantly complains of 'timing out' trying to connect to the server.  However it does accept and deliver mail upon checks.  I will try the prefs trash you suggest.

Did you try restarting the machine or just SIMS?  It could be the Open Transport and not SIMS is the problem and that would need restarting the machine to reset.

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