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...from a past discussion...

OK, I recopied the old prefs back into the SIMS folder, and could
instantly  log in to the SIMS web-interface again.  Same old behaviour
though - POP  works, but SMTP doesn't.


Don't get frustrated.  These things are usually something simple.

Apparently some wierdness is going on related to the SIMS prefs, but
why it  could not create working pref files is beyond me.  This looks
like some kind  of hard drive/ corruption issue etc.  on the server.
OR the SIMS program  file itself may be corrected.  I will hit it with
techtool pro and do what I  can on the hard drive, but how do I
reinstall SIMS without losing all  account/router info?

Most likely there's something small wrong.

You've most likely got three choices really:

1) Re-install SIMS over top of the old one.  Hopefully it will keep all
the settings.
2) Move the SIMS folder and old preferences to a new one then re-install
SIMS in a fresh folder and copy back the old preferences.
3) Re-post this stuff on the SIMS list and see if someone better versed
will pick this up.
The first two would most likely wipe your SIMS setup clean but you can try
them.  The last one is preferred because I'm pretty sure you can just copy
the account and router files to a safe directory and then copy them back.
I'd highly do nothing until you talked to another person besides me as I'm
not as versed in SIMS as I could be.

Mike Hebel
"I think we used too much!" - Chris Knight

...any thoughts?

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