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Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 02:00:17 -0500
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At 5:10 PM +0000 8/6/04, screw databases wrote:

Hi - thanks for responding.  No the never connects outbound, and the mail just sits there in the outbox.  It constantly complains of 'timing out' trying to connect to the server.  However it does accept and deliver mail upon checks.  I will try the prefs trash you suggest.

Ok, so either there's a problem with the mail apps you're using, or there's a problem with SIMS accepting mail.

What, if anything, does the log say when you try to connect?  Go into web admin or communigate, go to POP, and kick the logging up to All Info.  Same with SMTP.  Also, check the setting for "authenticated IPs are treated as Client ones" in the Recieving portion of the SMTP page.  You'll want that set higher than "never" - for the purpose of this, go ahead and move it to 10 min.  Then open the log and try to connect/send and see what the log tells you. If it doesn't do anything, it may be a mail client problem (or in Entourage's case, a microsoft stupidity) that's not allowing the connection to be made.

I've had a problem with Outlook users not being able to send from time to time, usually when their client session has timed out. In our case, it's because Outlook tries to send mail before it has checked - and it's the checking of mail that logs you in as an authenticated user.  Entourage may have the same problem. Hopefully Panther's mail app isn't so dumb.

Our workaround is:

1) move everything out of the Out box to Drafts or somewhere else you can find it (assuming you still want to send all those emails).

2) restart Outlook, or in some cases the client machine.

3) Check mail. THEN send a test email. If it goes out, you should be able to move the previously outbound emails back to the Out box a little at a time and send them.

Can you telnet to your mail server and attempt a connection?

If you'd like to shoot me web login info offlist I'd be willing to look over your settings and see if I can find the problem.

BTW, the sims list never sent this message to my hotmail account - I had to check it manually.  Wierd!

CC'd to your Hotmail address just in case.
Bill Christensen

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