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De: Christopher Bort <>
Sujet: Re: Routing help
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 13:58:58 -0700
A: SIMS Discussions <>
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On 8/10/04 at 14:01, wrote:

> I suspect that as soon as I send this I'll figure out the problem,
> but...
> I'm setting up some new accounts.  In the router I have
> <>=<local>AmericusUser
> and I've created accounts with the name AmericusUser.
> Everything looks pretty much like all the existing routings of
> similar type.
> However, when I send to (on the local machine
> or from an outside source) it bounces back with 550 User Unknown.
> I haven't been able to see where anything is wrong.
> Ideas?

Typos? E.g., is 'AmericusUser' spelled the same in both the account name
and your router entry?

What do you get when you feed '' to the router tester
in the SIMS web admin interface?

What does your log say if you bump the router log level up to 'All Info'
and send a message to <> and/or feed it to the router

Do you have an MX record for pointing to your mail

Also, you don't really need the '<local>' in your router entry.

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