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On 8/10/04 at 14:01, billc_lists@greenbuilder.com wrote:

> I suspect that as soon as I send this I'll figure out the problem,
> but...
> I'm setting up some new accounts.  In the router I have
> <User@austindiamond.com>=<local>AmericusUser
> and I've created accounts with the name AmericusUser.
> Everything looks pretty much like all the existing routings of
> similar type.
> However, when I send to User@austindiamond.com (on the local machine
> or from an outside source) it bounces back with 550 User Unknown.
> I haven't been able to see where anything is wrong.
> Ideas?

Typos? E.g., is 'AmericusUser' spelled the same in both the account name
and your router entry?

What do you get when you feed 'User@austindiamond.com' to the router tester
in the SIMS web admin interface?

What does your log say if you bump the router log level up to 'All Info'
and send a message to <User@austindiamond.com> and/or feed it to the router

Do you have an MX record for austindiamond.com pointing to your mail

Also, you don't really need the '<local>' in your router entry.

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