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From: Alexandre Lollini <>
Subject: Re: Routing help
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 06:18:01 -0700
To: <>
on 8/11/04 8:23 PM, Christopher Bort <> wrote:

> According to the router docs, the <local> tag is for routing 'Unified
> Domain-Wide Accounts', where you want all messages address to any address
> in a given domain to be delivered to a single local account. The router
> entry for that would be:
> domain.tld = <local>local-account
> 'Unified Domain-Wide Accounts' is the only section in the docs where the
> <local> tag is mentioned so, AFAIK, it has no other use. I'd guess that
> since your router entry had an address alias with both local and domain
> parts (<user@domain.tld>), SIMS got confused when it matched the address on
> a router line that tried to map it to a unified domain-wide account.

What I read here makes me have an idea :

If as the last line of my routing table I add a line like this : = <local>spamtrap

I want to know if this line will make understood as a spam, each mail sent
to ?

I have true addresses with
And I don't want these not to receive correct mail.

If it works then sims will not waste its bandwidth and time answering to all
fakelogin attempts.

Best regards :


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