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On Aug 15, 2004, at 2:52 AM, Michael J. Stango wrote:

'm running SIMS, IPNetRouter, IPNetSentry and MacDNS on the same box, a
G3-upgraded Power Mac 7600. It needs a reboot about once every week to ten
days, I think due to a memory leak in MacDNS. Not too concerned about that,
since I'll be migrating to a G4 running OS X Server in the next few months.

Yes, MacDNS is the culprit.  I ran it for at few years as my local network DNS.  I ended up using something like iDo Script Scheduler to reboot the machine every few days.  I've had SIMS running alongside other simple programs on very simple hardware for months at a time without rebooting.

I'm in the process of moving to OS-X server that I put onto one of the G-4s that Apple is currently closing out on the Apple Store.  I'll have my hands full trying to master some aspects of a fairly complex new e-commerce web setup.  So I'm not going to mess with a new mail setup as well.  I'll keep SIMs happily humming along.  I just want to migrate it to a slightly newer piece of hardware.

The first year of running my own web presence I had everything... ASIP web, mail and file services... IPNETRouter, IPNetSentry and MacDNS running on the same 7600.  It worked quite reliably for about a year until I discovered the open relay vulnerabilities of ASIP mail.  That's when I discovered SIMS.  I started moving things to separate boxes just so I could work on one without taking down every other service on my network.

I seem to recall from those earlier days that there was a problem with IPNetRouter on the same machine as one of the common mail servers.  Based on comments here I guess its not SIMS.  I'll give this a go later today.  Thanks for the comments.

Bob Smith
Accurate Image
Waco, TX

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