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????: Re: 10 meg limit - how did it get to be 83!?
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On 09/23/04 at 05:01, Charles Mangin wrote:

> on most of my client accounts, i impose the SIMS default 10 megabyte
> limit for their mailbox size - if they gripe, i up it to 20 and they
> usually leave me alone. somehow, one of my clients had accumulated 83
> megs of email in her 10 meg box. someone had sent her a 39 megabyte
> file the other day, which went through, but, as she had her client set
> to leave mail on the server for 30 days, whenever she checked email
> (every five minutes) the whole server would hang up for about 20
> seconds while it churned through her mailbox. so the question is, how
> did this happen? i would expect the 39 meg mail to bounce after it
> accepted enough data to fill up the ten meg box

No, SIMS will accept the entire message even if it takes the account over
its quota.

> or for her account to stop accepting mail after the big mail
> pushed it over the limit

Yes, it should stop accepting mail for over-quota accounts.

> - but it was clearly over the limit already if it had 83 megs... i
> don't suppose there's any mechanism in SMTP to tell what size a
> message is going to be before accepting it, eh?

Right. SIMS will accept the message, whatever size it is, and should then
stop accepting messages for the account. If the account quota is 10 MB and
it received a 39 MB message, I'd expect the size of the box to be 40 - 50
MB. It shouldn't be able to get to be 83 MB under those circumstances.

> oddly, she never missed any mail. all subsequent messages still got
> through

Yes, that is odd. Are you sure that the account really had a 10 MB limit

> and she only started experiencing problems when the whole server
> ground to a halt - too many things tming out at the wrong time,
> i.e. while the machine was trying to churn through an 80+ meg
> mailbox.

Lucky you. On my old SIMS server (I've moved on to CGPro now) it would
become impossible to retrieve any mail at all from a mailbox larger than
about 40 MB. But that was on an ancient 6150/66.

> also oddly, this client is not one of the ones i mentioned in my
> previous post to this list about POP timeouts. in both of those cases,
> the client mailboxes were very small - less than a megabyte. though i
> suppose the two issues may be related, i don't see how.
> the solution, in the short term, was to move her mailbox file outside
> the sims folder and recreate her account - again with a 10 meg limit -
> since she doesn't seem to have missed any email.

You could also use MailSiphon or some other tool that allows you to get
just the message headers so that you can delete messages from the box
without having to download them. I use the POP Monitor that's built into
Mailsmith (my mail client of choice) for this purpose. The longer term
solution is to train users to delete mail from the server either
immediately or after just a day or two. I know from experience, though,
that with some users that can be an uphill battle.
Christopher Bort
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