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At 10:49 AM -0400 10/2/04, Charles Mangin wrote:
>does anyone on this list have any strong feelings regarding
>i've been working off and on trying to get a working webmail
>implementation on my servers - it seems like everything i've tried
>either doesn't work with my setup (one machine a red hat web server and
>another a mac mail server) or only works with IMAP, etc.
>almost all of my users have asked about getting their mail from on the
>road, or from another computer, or on their PDA or whatever, so i'd
>love to tell them to use mail2web and leave me alone. however, i wonder
>just how secure it is, whether it works as advertised, etc.

I use it at the office every day.  It's really solid.  It handles Pop3 and
IMAP (with SSL if you have that set up).  It can connect via https or http.
It does not (seem to ) record my email passwords.  When last I checked, it
didn't do apop.

It can be sorta slow to load, and if you click on a message before the
whole page loads, it gives errors.  That's the only downside.

It has no filtering capabilities, if that's vital, your clients will want
something else.

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