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Two bits of advice:

1) Upgrade to the last stable beta version of SIMS (1.8b9d14). I fixes a couple of security holes in 1.7 and is probably better for you than increasing your RBL count.

2) Once you have upgraded, to set up multiple RBLs, on the web-based admin go to SMTP>RBL Server List. In the window that opens, enter each RBL on a separate line. My list looks something like this:

sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org "Rejected - http://spam.eton.ca/#sbl"
cbl.abuseat.org "Rejected - http://spam.eton.ca/#cbl"
dnsbl.njabl.org "Rejected - http://spam.eton.ca/#njabl"
cn-kr.blackholes.us "Rejected - http://spam.eton.ca/#cn-kr"

Note that SIMS seems to limit the length of the message (the part in quotes) returned to the rejected server. In my case I put in URLs to direct people to my spam pages.

At 2004-11-17  06:42 AM -0800, Mike Rasmussen is rumored to have said:
I am really new to using SIMS so please be nice. :)

How do you configure SIMS to ulitize mulitple RBLs? This system is running a pretty old version of SIMS, version 1.7.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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