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From: Lewis Butler <>
Subject: Re: SIMS and RBLs
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 21:44:15 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
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On 22 Nov 2004, at 01:50, Alexandre Lollini wrote:
on 11/18/04 11:54 PM, David C King <> wrote:

Interesting ... I didn't know that you could add a 'rejected' comment
to the RBLs. Thanks for that.

I do not recommend the use of 'rejected' comment as it :

1- waste a lot of upward bandwidth, and swiching time
2- it tells the spammer that its mail hit something

With rejected information I would sent 1000's outbound email
I do not whant my computer to overheat for spam.

You are confused.  There is not sent email.  the connection is rejected with a 550 error (I think it's a 550) and the comment as the text portion of the error.  There is no more, or less, bandwidth usage than a generic reject error.

A reject also does not tell the spammer they hit anything other than a mail server that will not accept email from them.  Also, it's just polite in the rare case that a real person gets into a blacklist (hey, it happened to my mail server, once) they know the mail was rejected and why.

Now, my comment message when I ran SIMS for the cn-kr blacklist was "Die Spammer SCUM" which, I admit, was not that useful.  But, in my defense, I was getting hammered pretty hard by cn-kr spam attempts at the time, and not knowing any of the 1.5Billion people in China/Korea, I was not worried about pissing anyone off.    1095 catch     102 catch       1 catch  261 catch

(maybe I can re-order them but how ?), and list it first.

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