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De: Neil Herber <>
Sujet: SIMS replacements (was: two other topics!)
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 12:38:42 -0500
A: SIMS Discussions <>
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At 2004-12-01  08:40 AM -0800, Tod Fitch is rumored to have said:
To further wander off topic, has anyone had experience with SurgeMail ( It looks like it is in my price range as a easy to administer replacement to SIMS but I have not seen much more that press releases on it.

I have no experience with SurgeMail, but since I have 25 accounts to set up, that means I have to buy their 100 user license which is $370.

By contrast, the 25 user license for Communigate Pro is $699, but it includes 5 mailing lists and loads of other features. Since I have been leeching off of SIMS for many years, Stalker probably deserves some thanks from me.

Both are available for Unix variants, OSX and Windoze. Stalker sales confirmed to me that I could switch platforms without paying anything extra. (I am looking at Windoze, Linux, and OSX and still can't decide ...)

I spent several semi-fruitless hours prowling around on Server Watch:

looking at mail server specs and the only ones that interested me were:

* 602LanSuite (Win only) $299 for 25 users
* ArGoSoft Mail Server Pro (Win only) $88 for unlimited users
* Communigate Pro (anything with a CPU) $699 for 25 users and 5 mailing lists
* Eudora Internet Mail server (Mac only) $400 for unlimited users
* IMail server (Win only) seems to have morphed into Ipswitch Collaboration Suite and the pricing has gone nuts
* Mercury Mail Transport System (Win only) free and looks promising (what's the catch??)

Can anyone comment on these or any other mail servers that can be administered without a degree in uber-geek?

My current feeling is that I should bite the bullet and go for Communigate Pro. Partially to say thanks to Stalker for SIMS, partially because it is effectively platform-agnostic, and partially because if it is as reliable as SIMS I will sleep at night.


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