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????: Re: Wandering off-topic: Speedstream 5861 (was Re: Authentication Attempts)
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At 10:03 AM -0700 12/1/04, Warren Michelsen  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:
At 9:44 AM -0600 12/1/04, Mike Hebel issued a series of ones and zeros which decoded as:

More Reliability slightly higher cost: I'd actually suggest the
Speedstream that we've been talking about (or a similar model) as it
already has packet filtering in it by default.  It costs more but it's a
fully configurable business class router/firewall.  Good for most services
without a problem.

When a device says it's a 'DSL' router, that's just Ethernet, right?

No, it usually means it has some form of actual DSL support. For example, the Speedstream 5861 has a direct interface to my DSL link and handles all of the DSL connection setup from DMT up through PPPoE.

Reading the spec sheets is always mandatory...

Bill Cole

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