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De: Warren Michelsen <>
Sujet: Re: Wandering off-topic: Speedstream 5861
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 07:51:00 -0700
A: SIMS Discussions <>
At 10:39 PM -0500 12/1/04, after patiently answering my DSL questions, Bill Cole stated:
>At 6:33 PM -0700 12/1/04, Warren Michelsen  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:
>>Will a LinkSys BEFSR41 or BEFSX41 do it?
>This is where things get screwy. I am not familiar with either of those so I went to the Linksys site, and I see things they give names like "Cable/DSL Router" which is simply confusing.

Exactly. Much of the manufacturers' publicity regarding these devices made me believe that people with DSL simply had an Ethernet feed coming from their DSL modem. I came to equate DSL router with Ethernet router. Thanks for setting me straight.

>From what I can tell, those particular devices look to be more oriented towards protecting a home network from the miscreants inside rather than from known miscreants outside. It looks like you'd have to hack something up like adding static routes to their address space with bogus gateways, which is a nice functional traditional way to do IP blocking, but it a bit of an unobvious hack.

However, take a look at <>.

On page 2 of their PDF data sheet (<>) they clearly show the 5781 interposed between the DSL modem and a client's network.

Even the SS2604 SpeedStream is Ethernet to Ethernet:

* Model: SS2604
* Speed: 10/100 Mbps
* Interface specifications: Internet/WAN: 10 Mbps Ethernet, RJ-45; LAN: 4 ports at 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, RJ-45;
* LED indicators: Power, Link/activity, status, print activity, print error, Internet, Wireless and LAN (connection, activity and speed)
* Compatibility: PC, Macintosh
* Ports: 1-WAN port, 4-LAN ports, 1-printer port
* Port type: Ethernet, (RJ-45)
* Integrated firewall .
* Reset button and normal/uplink switch.
* You can set up a network printer at home!

So I guess I just have to be sure that the WAN side is not a DSL (phone line) type connection, I guess. And, of course, that the firewall functions will do what I want.  ;)

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