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????: Re: Wandering off-topic II: gigabit routers
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My first question is how much traffic will this network push and pull?

See below.

For true gigabit routing you are talking big $ but could get into a used Cisco 7500 series router with GEIP interfaces that can handle 300Mbps of through put. Plan on spending about $5 to 8k US for the router and cards needed off ebay.

If you need to get above 300Mbps plan on $25k + and have them seek a local network professional,

Yeah, I was gathering that.

 have the access is one thing but managing serious traffic full time is another.

Believe it or not, he has this connection, but AFAICT it's just a family with several computers. Browsing, e-mails and stuff, although I think the connection is geared toward multimedia delivery. But there is no real serving or anything. He gets along with his DLink604 just fine, but wants to take advantage of his bandwidth, whether that makes any practical sense or not.

Stefan Jeglinski

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