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????: Re: Wandering off-topic II: gigabit routers
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On 02 Dec 2004, at 08:39, Stefan Jeglinski wrote:
Anyway... I'm "helping" someone who knows even less about this than me, but is somehow graced with a &^%#^$ gigaabit fiber connection into his home (not in US by the way), with computers (Mac!) in the home that all have gigabit ethernet. Ignoring for a moment the fact that most of the rest of the internet will be limiting his bandwidth...

If he is a home user with a few machines that just happens to have obscene bandwidth there are a couple of things I can suggest.  The first is simply getting a 1000bT card for one of the macs and using it as the gateway/router.  This is probably the cheapest solution (under $200).

You can find some 1000bT switches that are not thousands of dollars now, but I'm not sure what routing capabilites they have.

It would be useful to know more about the topography of this gigabit ethernet network, but I'm pretty sure the cheapest option will be a 1000bT second card for a 1000bT Mac already there.

I've googled on gigabit router, but the language seems to be different from "here's the WAN side, here's the LAN side, plug in both and configure and you're done." Plus, it seems that gigabit for the industrial-grade stuff is generally many gigabits, not just 1Gbit.

you might look for 1000bT instead of "gigabit".

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