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From: Chuck Martin <>
Subject: Re: SIMS replacements (was: two other topics!)
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 20:46:03 -0500
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There is nothing in the documentation about any maximum limit, and I knew nothing about it until I tried sending a very large (and very important) file. After getting a message it could not be delivered because it exceeded the maximum size. After researching some on the Internet, I found that it is a PHP limit, not a Postfix limit. And there is a variable which can be changed to fix this. Unfortunately, I have no clue how to change this variable, as it is neither in the GUI nor the Command Line Administration guide. I'll eventually figure it out, though.

Overall, I do like OSX Server. It does include both POP/SMTP and IMAP, Squirrelmail, Mailman, and lots of other stuff. Most basic things can be administered with the GUI. But to do things out of the ordinary, you do need to get your hands dirty. But the same is true for my CIsco PIX 501, and it works fine, too, even though I had to dig a bit to find a few unusual things I needed. I assume I will eventually find out how to fix the maximum message size. Some day I may even figure out how to make FTP work again.

On Dec 1, 2004, at 8:36 PM, Warren Michelsen wrote:

At 6:52 PM -0500 12/1/04, Chuck Martin issued a series of ones and zeros which decoded as:
I recently migrated to OSX Server, and have been reasonably happy, but have found lots of adjustment is needed. One thing I just tripped over is that it has an 8mb maximum email message size. Since I often have to email large source-code and documentation files, 50mb and more, this is a problem for me. It might not be for you.

That's astonishing. Is the limit not adjustable, perhaps with an 8 MB default limit?

Does the mail setup in OSXS include webmail and IMAP or just POP/SMTP?

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