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I also have an AppleScript droplet available here:


I'm not the author, but have archived it for years...


On Jan 6, 2005, at 4:07 PM, billc_lists@greenbuilder.com wrote:

At 10:47 AM -0500 1/6/05, Leonard Spell wrote:
My primary mail server went down last night and the secondary picked up all messages.  When I brought the primary back up this morning, it sent all but about 80 messages to the primary.  These messages are listed as failed.  How can I get the secondary to send them?

Quoting from a much earlier post (2001):

it's not enough to
just put files back into the queue - the destination addresess may be
marked as failed in them and will not be processed any more. The
failed recipient address will be listed in the queue file as

R E 05-10-2001 22:32:58 0000 mail.host.name account

The second character 'E' here means "Error". That should be changed
to "Waiting":

R W 05-10-2001 22:32:58 0000 mail.host.name account

You can probably do a batch find/replace with BBEdit.

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