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From: Bill Cole <>
Subject: Re: sending to blacklisted domains
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 10:35:20 -0500
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At 8:18 PM -0700 2/17/05, Lewis Butler  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:
On 16 Feb 2005, at 16:07 :37, Bill Cole wrote:

At 11:29 AM -0500 2/16/05, Timothy Binder  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:
On 2/16/05 8:00 AM, "Charles Mangin" <> wrote:
 i asked this before, but never got a reply. any advice or appropriate
 router entries would be appreciated:
 i *think* i've set up my router to accept the required abuse and
 postmaster emails from blacklisted domains with lines like such (based
 on advice previously gleaned from this list):
 <abuse%*@blacklisted> = abuse
 <postmaster%*@blacklisted> = postmaster
Yes, this is the way to do it.
I don't think so, exactly. I believe that if you blacklist a *domain* (i.e. map it to 'error' in the router) there is no override. The above works to accept mail being offered from addresses on the IP blacklist or in a DNSBL.

It's not often that Bill makes a mistake, but unless something has changed in SIMS since I last had to do this, this is one of those rare times.

I appreciate the confidence, but I am most definitely fallible and you are the second person to catch this, so I expect I misunderstood the question...

Unfortunately, I can't remember the exact details.  I was receiving so much spam from hotmail (this was a good 4 years back) that I finally blacklisted the entire domain with

* = error

however, I had ONE person I needed to be able to send receive mail from on hotmail, and I was able do this py placing their address before the error, somehow. =
* = error

or something like that.

(Like I said, it was years ago)

Yes, the trick would be like this from my router:

<>= = error

That allows me to report warez spammers without accepting bogus messages claiming to be from MS or the actual spam really sent by MS.

I thought the original question was somewhat different, seeking a way to allow a special local user to freely converse with any address in an otherwise blacklisted domain.

Bill Cole                        

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