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????: Receiving mail on alternate ports
????: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 15:36:06 -0600
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Hi all (of you who are still running SIMS)

I'm beginning to see trouble with the SPF system - the deal where you can only send out mail from your "official" mail server  - with our clients who connect via some of the big guns (mostly SBC so far).

I don't know if port 25 is blocked for them, but many of them have trouble sending mail through us.  My ISP recently mentioned that for those who have 25 blocked,the standard alternate port is 587.  Is there a way to configure SIMS to accept mail on port 587?  And port 25 for all the normal users?

Or can someone walk me through how do port forwarding on OS9, if that's even possible?

I suppose I could do a port forward through my IPNR set up, though I'm planning on switching to a different LAN system soon....


Bill Christensen

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