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At 4:06 PM -0600 3/6/05, Bob Smith wrote:
On Mar 6, 2005, at 3:36 PM, billc_lists@greenbuilder.com wrote:

I don't know if port 25 is blocked for them, but many of them have trouble sending mail through us.

I still run SIMS for my main mail server.  I have OS-X server on another system for other services.  It's behind my firewall.  I simply setup port forwarding to let a non standard port pass to port 25 on the OS-X box and set it up for SMTP relay only; and only to authorized users.  Users outside of my network simply send through that server by talking on the alternate port and receive via POP as always on the SIMS box.

You could certainly do the same with a second very simple SIMS box. It may be possible to get SIMS to communicate on more than one port at once but I didn't venture down that road.  Maybe this is a way to slowly move me over to some sort of mail system on OS-X.  So far, SIMS isn't broke so why fix it.

Hmmm. So you have an OSX box receive just by an IP and a non-standard port?   How do you authenticate or otherwise check that they're actually supposed to be sending through you?

I'd prefer to avoid setting up another SIMS box, but will soon be combining my SIMS and ASSP boxes and using port 2525 on SIMS, as supplied by Max Lyth (thanks again, Max!). Maybe that'll work.

The hardest part will probably be teaching all my clients how to configure Outlook, Outlook Express, and whatever other mail clients they're using to send on the correct port.  Ugh.

Bill Christensen

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