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????: Re: Error Message: Can anyone help?
????: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 07:15:19 -0500
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At 5:44 AM -0600 3/9/05, billc_lists@greenbuilder.com wrote:
>At 5:21 AM -0600 3/9/05, Ron Johnson wrote:
>>Hi fellow listers,
>> It's been quite a while since I last posted to this list, but
>>I need some assistance for a friend of mine who is *very* frustrated.
>> Recently, he's been having a problem when he tries to send
>>eMail from his account on my server.  He can retrieve mail just
>>fine, but can't seem to send it.  He gets the following error
>>message, after sending mail:
>> The connection to the server has failed. Account:
>>'pop.DakotaRainbow.com', Server: 'mail.DakotaRainbow.com', Protocol:
>>SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number:
>>He is using Outlook Express, running Windoze 98 SE, and has AVG
>>Anti-Virus Version 7 installed on his PC.  This error seems to me
>>like some sort of connection error -- don't know if it is a problem
>>which exists on my end, or on his.  I've made no changes to his
>>account recently, everything seems correct on the server machine,
>>and my roommate, and I, both can send and receive just fine.
>> Any hints, suggestions, tips, etc.?  TIA
>It's quite possible that something has changed at his ISP.
>SBC is now blocking port 25 on many of its systems.  We've run into
>it several times here with clients in Texas and California, as has
>Bob Smith.
>See Bob's recent replies to my query about receiving on alternate
>ports for a possible work around.
>You might also want to peruse the info on
>http://helpdesk.wisc.edu/page.php?id=2786  or similar pages about how
>to configure various email clients to use alternative ports.

Is there anything in the SIMS log at the time he tried to make the
connection from his IP address?  If so, crank  SMTP logging up and have him
try again so you can see exactly what the error is.  If not, you can
investigate networking and port blocking issues.

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