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On Mar 9, 2005, at 11:46 AM, Ron Johnson wrote:

That detail I was never aware of - whether or not he had/has SSL turned on.  Didn't know that  Outlook Express, under Windows 98 SE even had an option for that.  I guess, if he's got it turned off, I could suggest he turn it back on and see what the results are. Thanks for the suggestion!

I'm betting this is a blocked port 25 issue.  One of my users on Outlook/Windows got some really cryptic error messages that seemed on the surface to have nothing to do with a blocked port yet that's what it was.  Do a Google search for blocked port 25 and you'll find loads of pages about this.  Many ISPs have begun to implement this over the past few months, forcing users on their lines to use only their mail server for outgoing traffic so they can better prevent relays of spam and viruses from hijacked machines on their lines.  It's mainly broadband lines with dynamic addresses that are having port 25 blocked.

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