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Sujet: Re: 10.3.8 with SIMS and ASSP
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 15:46:02 -0600
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A little update on this:  I was able to get SIMS and ASSP on 10.3.8 talking by switching which one's IP was on the Built In Ethernet and which was on the copy.  Looks like SIMS wants to be "first".  I also changed my DNS to put them both on the same IP.

I'm still having trouble with user accounts getting "hung" on large file uploads and downloads - especially with those on dialup.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

At 5:14 AM -0600 3/21/05, wrote:
Hi loyal SIMS users,

Is anyone out there using SIMS on 10.3.8?

I recently consolidated my SIMS and ASSP machines, having finally switched all my hosted domains over to ASSP filtering.  That means running SIMS in classic mode.

Ever since I started using SIMS in classic I've been having problems with it locking up in the middle of user's down or uploads, especially with large attachments.  It just stalls out.  The user quits, but the session is still active and they can't get back in. And the session stays active for much longer than the alotted 10 min.

I boosted SIMS' RAM allocation to 20mb as suggested by someone in the early days of SIMS on X.  No difference.

So I thought I'd switch from 10.2.8 to 10.3.8 to see if that would fix things.

I configured with two IP addresses on the built-in ethernet: one is the ASSP IP, and the other is the one that SIMS was using. Strangely, I can only connect to SIMS on the ASSP IP via http.  And the SIMS and ASSP are not talking to each other.

So I'm looking for some hints - either on how to get SIMS on 10.2.8 working smoothly as it did on 9, or on how to get SIMS and ASSP talking again when on 10.3.8

Bill Christensen

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