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From: Bill Cole <>
Subject: Re: [OT] Alternate MTAs [was Blacklist Setting]
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 11:40:20 -0400
To: SIMS Discussions <>
At 9:57 AM -0500 4/19/05, Dave Pooser  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:
 On the other hand, I'm just a bit of free time away from migrating
 off of SIMS, and I expect that Tiger will make that simpler by having
 a more current version of Postfix than Panther.

I'm currently using CGPro, and hang out on this list only because it's where
I learned 90% of what I know about SMTP and anti-spam techniques. (Probably
80% of what I know about SMTP and anti-spam techniques came courtesy of one
Bill Cole, incidentally, and I hope you'll hang out here even after you move
on to another email program.)

That said, I'm looking at handing off SMTP duties to Exim; I looked at
Postfix but I thought Exim's ACLs made it a better choice because there are
more opportunities to reject spam vs. accept and then bounce/bitbucket/other
sub-optimal solution. Is there a reason that you're looking at Postfix over

1. It is what Apple is shipping. On the surface that's a laziness issue, but on a deeper level laziness can be a virtue. Postfix on MacOS can reasonably be expected to be a well-maintained combination for the foreseeable future, while Sendmail, Exim, Qmail, etc. are far less likely to have rough spots smoothed out.

2. More serious laziness: I have never had a reason to learn Exim. At 40 with 3 kids, a full-time-plus job, a badly addictive time-devouring hobby (spamfighting,) and a homestead that never fails to provide me with stuff to do in my copious free time, the last thing I need is a project to learn how to work with yet another MTA that is not the norm on the platform I am trying to put it on.

3. I have a different impression of the relative feature sets of Exim and *current* Postfix than you seem to. Part of the reason for such a long delay in turning my little Postfix system into my mail exchanger (and along with that, moving everything else still being done on an old P575/8.1 system onto a MacOS X Cube) is that I really want a current version with the ability to hook in DATA-time filters live rather than as additional SMTP hops. i.e. things that work like Sendmail milters such as SpamAssassin and Clamav. That means doing surgery on a Panther system, but less than what Exim would take. I expect but am not sure that I'll have an appropriate version blessed by Apple in 2 weeks.

Bill Cole

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