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On Apr 19, 2005, at 12:14 PM, Stefan Jeglinski wrote:

Been using Postfix for years here. It provides some pretty in-depth spam control, with chances to reject/accept, etc. at many stages along the way. Also, there are a number of reasons you would not actually want to reject the message until the whole thing is received (see the postfix mailing list archivers for this).

I'm now on my 3rd year of not moving to postfix as I promised I would.

Is there a way to implement SIMS router functionality on postfix, in part or in full? (same question as 3 years ago, hoping things have changed).

While we still run SIMS for watervalley.net (with a huge load of mail....blocking about 1 message every 2 seconds) I have recently setup a postfix system for my new game company (mutantegg.com) and also have setup postfix to filter outgoing mail sent from watervalley.net.

Which part of the router are you asking about?

I setup postfix-cyrus-sasl for mutantegg.com and also handle mail for about 3 other domains now (more to come) and the routing equivalent works well to route mail to mailboxes in all domains.

You can email me off list at hmsme@greendragon.com if you have specific questions...

Howard Shere
Altair 8800a to Mac OS X so far...

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