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From: Christopher Bort <>
Subject: Re: [OT] Alternate MTAs [was Blacklist Setting]
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 10:45:35 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
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On 04/19/05 at 07:57, Dave Pooser wrote:

> > On the other hand, I'm just a bit of free time away from migrating
> > off of SIMS, and I expect that Tiger will make that simpler by having
> > a more current version of Postfix than Panther.
> I'm currently using CGPro, and hang out on this list only because
> it's where I learned 90% of what I know about SMTP and anti-spam
> techniques. (Probably 80% of what I know about SMTP and anti-spam
> techniques came courtesy of one Bill Cole, incidentally, and I hope
> you'll hang out here even after you move on to another email
> program.)

I'll second all of that, thanks Bill.  8^)  I replaced the SIMS server that
I run at work with CGPro a while ago. No regrets, except the recent pricing
insanity at Stalker.

> That said, I'm looking at handing off SMTP duties to Exim; I looked
> at Postfix but I thought Exim's ACLs made it a better choice because
> there are more opportunities to reject spam vs. accept and then
> bounce/bitbucket/other sub-optimal solution. Is there a reason that
> you're looking at Postfix over Exim?

I'm using Exim on my home mail server running on Panther. I chose it over
the Apple supplied Postfix for a couple of reasons. First is the superior
ACL's and more flexible configurability. Second, I preferred to
authenticate from a SQL database independent of system accounts. The Apple
supplied Postfix is not built with SQL support, so I'd have had to compile
a new Postfix anyway to get SQL support. Given that, why not look at other

Exim is not as difficult to install on OS X as one might think. George over
at has put together an excellent suite of package installers
to install Exim, Courier IMAP, and ClamAV on OS X Server, all tied together
with a MySQL database for authentication and with Exiscan for scanning with
SpamAssassin. Even though it's meant to be used on OS X Server, I had
almost no trouble installing it on OS X 'client' (YMMV depending on how
well you already understand the widgets you're installing and how they go
together). About the only wrinkle is that you have to install your own
MySQL, since it's not included in client as it is in Server. However, since
I'd already installed MySQL for my web server on the same machine, that was
trivial. Actually, in at least one way, George's ECM package simplifies
getting a mail server running on OS X client because it includes Courier
IMAP. OS X client doesn't include a POP/IMAP server, so you would have to
choose and install one yourself even if you go with the built-in Postfix
for your MTA (OS X Server includes Cyrus, which has its own set of
problems). The ECM suite is at

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