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De: Howard Shere <>
Sujet: Re: [OT] Alternate MTAs [was Blacklist Setting]
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 14:24:48 -0500
A: SIMS Discussions <>
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On Apr 19, 2005, at 2:17 PM, Stefan Jeglinski wrote:

While we still run SIMS for (with a huge load of mail....blocking about 1 message every 2 seconds) I have recently setup a postfix system for my new game company ( and also have setup postfix to filter outgoing mail sent from

Which part of the router are you asking about?

What do you mean which part? I guess I'm looking for as much SIMS functionality as I can get. Among other things, I especially like the ability to do things like

<account.*> = account

So that users can create throwaway addresses.

Using the web interface for cyrus (web-cyradm) you can attach multiple email addresses to a single account and then delete them later. You can also make an account the default for a domain so any address goes there. You can also create admin accounts and give them control of email addresses for a particular domain.

There is also probably a way to do the above type stuff using the postfix aliases file as well. I have not tried that.

Howard Shere
Altair 8800a to Mac OS X so far...

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