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On Apr 19, 2005, at 2:17 PM, Stefan Jeglinski wrote:

While we still run SIMS for watervalley.net (with a huge load of mail....blocking about 1 message every 2 seconds) I have recently setup a postfix system for my new game company (mutantegg.com) and also have setup postfix to filter outgoing mail sent from watervalley.net.

Which part of the router are you asking about?

What do you mean which part? I guess I'm looking for as much SIMS functionality as I can get. Among other things, I especially like the ability to do things like

<account.*> = account

So that users can create throwaway addresses.

Using the web interface for cyrus (web-cyradm) you can attach multiple email addresses to a single account and then delete them later. You can also make an account the default for a domain so any address goes there. You can also create admin accounts and give them control of email addresses for a particular domain.

There is also probably a way to do the above type stuff using the postfix aliases file as well. I have not tried that.

Howard Shere
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