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????: Re: sending AOL mail problems (again)
????: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 11:27:40 +0100
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 Didn't see anything obvious from the message bounce. What do your logs say? You may want to turn the logging level low to see as much as possible.

 I had to stop running mail service for a non-profit because AOL was rejecting my email. I was doing redirects for all the officers, one of whom was on AOL & reporting spam she received at her officer address. As a result, AOL blacklisted me, rather than contacting me for resolution. When I called, they said I had to work with my ISP -- they wouldn't deal with me directly. My ISP, on the other hand, said that I was perfectly fine and they don't get involved in third-party issues. *sigh* I hate AOL.


cheers Tim, heres the relevant log entries set at ALL Info, level:

10:41:37 2 SYSTEM [S.0000218055] <p06210209be8d25792a9c@[]> 1+0 From:user@eeeff.net
10:41:37 4 SYSTEM [S.0000218055] submitted
10:48:00 4 SYSTEM(SMTP) [S.0000218055] opened, count=1
10:48:00 3 SMTP-204(aol.com) Expected 220 <Hello>, got 554 Connecting IP:\r
10:48:00 3 SMTP-203(aol.com) Expected 220 <Hello>, got 554 Connecting IP:\r
10:48:00 3 SMTP-201(aol.com) Expected 220 <Hello>, got 554 Connecting IP:\r
10:48:00 4 SYSTEM(SMTP) [S.0000218055] closed, count=0
10:48:01 4 SYSTEM [S.0000218055] address aol.com(user) delayed for 900 seconds

for the record, user@eeeff.net and user@aol.com are replaced names to protect the innocent ;-)

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