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 No, you need to look at the SMTP session between you and AOL. I believe the lines with "SMTP-436" right around 15:44:27 and those with "SMTP-469" right around 15:59:29 should be the right ones.

 The lines with S.0000221459 are just noting SIMS prepping the message for sending and closing it again when the sending attempt fails.

15:44:27 4 SMTP-436(aol.com) Input Line: 554- AOL does not accept e-mail transactions from IP addresses which\r
15:44:28 4 SMTP-436(aol.com) Input Line: 554- generate complaints or transmit unsolicited bulk e-mail.\r
15:44:28 4 SMTP-436(aol.com) Input Line: 554  Connecting IP:\r


....slowly the lights are coming on! ;)

cheeky sobs, AOL does not accept email trans from IP addresses which generate complaints or transmit bulk!  I get enough rubbish from AOL addresses thats for sure ;)

Really? AOL email addresses or AOL network space?

AOL does a truly astounding job of controlling the spam coming out of their *network* but they can't stop people elsewhere from forging AOL email addresses onto spam.

So AOL think I'm on a black list I take it???? how do I get OFF whatever list it is they use?

AOL only uses their own internal lists and systems. One such is the 'this is spam' button that AOL users can punch at will on any mail. AOL does not discuss their parameters for tuning complaints into shunning, but that IS an automatic process.
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