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Sujet: Re: Resubmitting failed messages in Queue
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 12:42:18 -0500
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At 12:26 PM -0400 5/5/05, Aron S. Spencer wrote:
Subject says it all: I have some messages in the Queue which are marked as failed when my SIMS machine (temporarily) ran out of disk space. How to I get SIMS to re-attempt delivery?

From the archives:

Dmitry wrote:

It's not enough to
just put files back into the queue - the destination addresess may be
marked as failed in them and will not be processed any more. The
failed recipient address will be listed in the queue file as

R E 05-10-2001 22:32:58 0000 account

The second character 'E' here means "Error". That should be changed
to "Waiting":

R W 05-10-2001 22:32:58 0000 account


If that's the case, you may be doing a really big multifile BBEdit

Or, if you'd prefer, just use this AppleScript:

on open theFileList
set nl to ASCII character 13
repeat with theFile in theFileList
set fileCh to (open for access theFile with write permission)
set curPos to 0
set theData to ""
set curPos to curPos + (length of theData) + 1
set theData to (read fileCh before nl)
if theData is "" then exit repeat
if (offset of "R E" in theData) is 1 then
set theData to "R W" & (characters 4 through -1 of ¬
                   theData as string) as text
write theData starting at curPos to fileCh
set theData to (read fileCh from curPos before nl)
end if
end repeat
close access fileCh
end repeat
end open

...and just drop the files you need to resubmit onto it.  Once finished,
you should quit and restart SIMS to get it to notice.

Bill Christensen

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